October 27, 2009

February 12, 2008

YouTube Video: Army Armadillo

War Stories:

Soldiers in Iraq and their HP Printer

Finally Getting This BLOG Started:

Sorry for the delay.
Got some great stories that were emailed to me from my old USMC website.
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Semper fi

May 30, 2007

About This Blog: Great War Stories

Hello, I am Steven Shiles, USMC, an Iraq War Veteran (Operation Iraqi Freedom), and a disabled vet.
I joined the Marine Corps to serve my country - It's true once a Marine always a U.S. Marine.

Unfortunately many of the GREAT War Stories never make it into the news (press or TV) for various reasons. Some of these stories are unique and bend or even break the so-called Rules of Engagement, another joke perpetrated upon the American Combat Soldier, Marine, and Veteran.

This BLOG is intended for those who want to share their stories with others.
These are the untold stories. The stories of valor and courage. The crazy things that happen in combat. Shit really does happens both on or off duty, and on base or not.
You can sign in or just use anonymous (no name) to post.
Post as often as you want.
Stories can be from any engagement, action, conflict or war.
Hell they can even be from Basic Training.
Any military story is welcome the funnier or more bizarre the better.
I'd like to hear from you and so would so many others.
Please share your experiences.
Semper Fi